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Forestry Work

A team of experts at your service!


We offer a forest management service to match your needs and preferences, and with respect for your values.
Its personalized service and its expertise are what make DEMSIS a sought-after company. In fact, the team consists of experts who between them have a minimum of 35 years of experience related to the operation of heavy machinery for commercial and residential purposes. As the sub-contractor for the management of services for the National Capital Commission (NCC) since 2007, the team has received comprehensive training in the construction of durable trails that respect and conserve nature.
Our team of specialists maintains the trails in Gatineau Park - the most visited park in Quebec. Recognized for the quality of his work, André Fleury, trail foreman, was solicited by the 2012 Vancouver Olympic Games Organizing Committee to groom the cross-country ski trails for the competitions.


  • Tree pruning



  • Transforming your woodland into an area for recreation

Creation of trails for cross-country skiing, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and mountain bikes (“pumptrack” course), footpaths, aerial runs (courses in the trees with ziplines, ropes and platforms), etc.