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Maintenance, Safety and Security Services



Our dedicated maintenance team works at night to groom all the cross-country ski trails in Gatineau Park. The team’s specialized grooming equipment makes it possible to offer winter sports enthusiasts trails that are well maintained and ready to be used the next morning.   


   Snow clearing

Productive and efficient, the members of the snow clearing team work hard to clear snow-covered surfaces quickly.


As a management service company, DEMSIS has the necessary experience to carry out building maintenance, summer and winter, indoors and outdoors.

Lifeguard and Patrol Teams

DEMSIS lifeguards provide supervision at six (6) beaches on the lakes in Gatineau Park (Meech Lake, Philippe Lake and La Pêche Lake). This qualified, dynamic team offers first-aid and intervention service to ensure the safety of users.

Our patrollers offer a first-aid service and intervention for safety and security on the trails in Gatineau Park.



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